Monday, March 16, 2009

Death and realtives shut your pie hole!!!

A Guest visitor (and me):
OMG! WTF! Just lost my Mom and lost my son 8 years ago (and my brother). relatives Suck!!! Just told my sister to shut her "pie hole"! Where did that come from???? Was I "channeling" my son ???? I hate being "politically correct" My sisters are driving me nuts...greed, just nasty "sh*t...
Back to Me: and yes she is here. I just turn her on to it!!! with this post!
As I can say they are. However, I understand the son. I knew him. That makes complete sense. It was. no one gave shit about his Mom, My Real Mother! he was very protective of her and loved her more then anyone will know. including her. Love Pat. Been there for me through a lot. before and after. he is there. also, love her mom. My thoughts is that is that is odd. all of it. people stay after and it is fine, but there are "Personal Times" when you would love for them to go and see someone else!!! While I like my "private time" I'm glad they are both still there watching over all of us. There were no other like them. they are great and i feel great that they are both close at hand. As to the WS, I have no idea. Have none (Damn being an only child!! But thank goodness!!) I don't have to deal with what either of my mothers had to. I don't understand. But I don't have to, all I can do is understand and do what is can and love the people i love best.