Friday, February 6, 2009

The First...Part 2 (AKA: The End)

I'm not going to tie this up in a neat little bow, but bring some sort of closure to, at least, this part of the blog.

I worked for this company and under him. (see previous post). This is how I tell people now. I worked for this company, but it was under him. (in case you have not notice, I'm not naming names. I'm using pronouns).

Two day's ago, I heard that the company closed. There was such a bad name for the 'hospitality' side that it was affecting that the office temps.

I'm not surprised. The person who took charge after he left, killed it all. No, really! I had clients telling me that they "didn't want to deal with [The new manager] !" It just got worse after that! After the first, they brought in a lady who was in and out of the hospital. While I understand a problem; who was running the office?

Long story short, the second GM was gone and a new one brought in; it didn't work. The company had fallen that far! They shut it down. I found out two days ago, not from them, but from others.

To give credit where it it due: he started out at the bottom and work his way up. he earned that position; and from being at the bottom of the ladder, that means a lot. The rest missed that. The never understood how hard we worked. They could not rally us to work harder. They missed the point completely.

Random thought: It's hard to scream at the people in charge when they are not there to hear, you are not there to scream and no one cares.

To the point, he was great.

Everyone above him, and after, missed the finer points

They let him leave

They have now paid for it.

More to the point. He was good. He did a great job. He understood everything! He had been through all levels. He was a great force in the industry.

What I learned:

~Life is short and unexpected. Be ready!

~Hold the people you love close, and tell them every time you talk to them. Even if you are in a fight. You really want a fight to be the last memory you have with them?

~Recognize people; for their strengths and weakness. we all have them!

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