Friday, February 6, 2009


I've already posted on this blog. A little about me. First, I have know idea what I'm going to do with blog. I just started it one night when I needed to rant. At this point, I'm going with it.

I live in Texas, near Houston. I drive an hour to each way to work. I am very in touch with my inner child. I like to play and have a great time. Side note, Toy's R Us is really sad...I miss FAO in Houston. Please come back!!! Went to school with Bush's No Child Left Behind. What a joke! I have a degree in HRM. One of the lucky ones to do what I love. despite that it drives me crazy at some points! I'm single. Ironically, considering my major, I really don't like people. I am what I am. This would be it! cope!

This is my rant area.

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