Saturday, February 7, 2009


There is family you are born into and family you make. What this misses is the family that is pushed upon you.

I'm in Colorado for a funeral for my grandmother. There is no relation, but this is the closest relastionship I have to a Grandmother. I'm okay with all of this. Not happy about it, but okay. Most of that is on me.

I have never really had a grandfather. One passed when I was young, the other was gone before I had the chance. I have few memories of him. From the point of view of a child younger then 6, an old man who never played with me. As I got older, I realized he was sick and was unable.

But the two strongest grand parentaly forces in my life have not been blood. Now one of them had passed, and I'm upset. My "real grandmother" has passed. I thing the grandfather figure is not far behind. Time will tell.

But at this point I'm counting the people close to me. and I love them all for being a part of my life. The family, old and young, the family I made, friends I made. But mostly the family I was born into.

I'm lucky, I love mine and count them as my closest friends. I understand nonthing else and hope everyone understands. If not, then I'm sorry. I hope the best for you, but I will never understand. But I love the family out side my blood line. All of them.

If you do not have it, you will never understand, but wish you did. If you do, then you know. Family is a thing that you are born to, something your are forced into, and something you choose. that is the great thing about it. It is you in all the little bits wrapped up nicley.

I Love my family. All of them. no matter how far out they may be!

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willis said...

Your "family", blood or not, probably loves you too!